Full Course Curriculum


Implement a semester or year-long electronics engineering course for your high school. The 16-week course contains lectures, workshops and design projects that will introduce students to key engineering skills. The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit v4.1 Curriculum includes instructor resources such as a syllabus, worksheets, sample code, quizzes, a glossary and more.

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SparkFun Inventor's Kit

micro:bit curriculum


14 week Introduction to Computer Science

Designed by Microsoft for middle school classes. It’s great for both experienced and novice computer science teachers alike. The 12 lessons in the course each include both unplugged activities designed to demonstrate concepts and hands-on activities using micro:bit to reinforce the lessons learned.

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Quarter-Long micro:bit Curriculum

In conjunction with SparkFun, Adams 12 Five Star School District in Adams County, Colorado created an 8 week long curriculum for seventh grade around the SparkFun micro:bit Educator Lab Pack. This two unit, 14 part curriculum covers the basics of physical computing with the micro:bit and dives into designing and developing an electronics project.

UNIT 1 - Digging into Design & Development  UNIT 2 - Working Together: Hardware & Software

Raspberry Pi

Utilize the Citizen’s Guide to Raspberry Pi and the accompanying Teacher’s Guide to bring the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit to life in your class. These resources provide the tools needed to bring Raspberry Pi, coding and circuitry to life through tasks and challenges that work their way from beginner to intermediate level. The Teacher’s Guide includes a learning progression, grading rubrics, keyword word bank, going further challenges and more to expand the learning covered in the Citizen’s Guide.

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Raspberry Pi Curriculum

Instructional Resources

At SparkFun, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality, open source resources to help you integrate electronics in to the classroom including getting started guides, cheatsheets, tutorials and tips for going further. Below, you will find a selection of our best resources for education. No matter where you are on your electronics journey, you’ll find something to help.

Product Focused


General Skills

Classroom Posters

Electronic Concept Posters

Give your classroom walls a fun and informative update. This three part series includes a graphic breakdown of Ohm’s Law, AC vs DC, and Analog and Digital Signals. Each poster is high-resolution and ready to print out up to 24" x 36".

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Project Ideas

Find standard aligned project ideas that can be used to make math and science come alive in any classroom.

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