Working with Universities to Build the Engineers of the Future

SparkFun is dedicated to supporting professors and students as they develop, or develop into, the engineers of the future.

For more than 15 years, SparkFun has been working side by side with professors and students to teach serious engineering concepts and skills through hands-on instructional activities; keep up with rapidly changing technology; increase inclusiveness of engineering education; and improve retention. This site is a collection of resources that have proven useful over the years - please bookmark and share this page with colleagues and students.

University Network

  • Resources and stories from universities around the world
  • Electronics in Action - cool stories and projects
  • University-generated Resources - videos, instructional materials, tutorials
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Open Library

  • Hundreds of tutorials and videos - curated for engineering students and professors
  • Targeted video series that make abstract engineering concepts concrete
  • Sample code, Github links, and Eagle libraries
  • Conceptual posters and visuals
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Hardware & Support

  • Kits and curriculum for Intro to Engineering and Bridge Courses
  • Components, boards, and advanced kits for years 2-4 and Capstone Courses
  • Custom kits built to meet the requirements of specific curricula
  • Materials for Pre-College Engineering programs and initiatives
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