Arduino Built Into A Breadboard

The STEMTera is the first breadboard to have a built in Arduino-compatible hardware suite that works with thousands of shields. With 21 I/O ATmega32U2 pins exposed, native USB projects can be easily developed using the LUFA framework.

  • Features a 10x14 LEGO® brick-compatible bottom that empowers projects to be built beyond imagination
  • Eliminates the need for messy wires connecting the breadboard and microcontroller
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with an Arduino UNO R3 shield and supports multiple IDEs, including: Atmel® Studio, Arduino IDE, AVR-GCC, AVR-GCC with LUFA, Scratch and more

Recommended for grades 6 and higher

  • Dual Microcontroller – ATmega328P & ATmega32U2
  • LEGO® Compatible Bottom Cover
  • USB Native Development
  • 4 LEDs (Power, TX, RX and L)
  • Black ABS Enclosure
  • IDE Support
    • Atmel® Studio
    • Arduino IDE
    • AVR-GCC
    • AVR-GCC with LUFA
    • Scratch