SparkFun Digital Sandbox


Learning Platform for Hardware and Software

Think of this as the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit all in one board! The Digital Sandbox (DS) is a learning platform that engages both the software and hardware worlds. It’s powered by a microcontroller that can interact with real-world inputs – like light or temperature sensors – while simultaneously controlling LEDs, motors, and other outputs.

  • Equipped with everything, on board, you will need to complete 13 experiments/projects
  • Gives students the opportunity to control an LED, measure how loud things are, detect what the temperature is, and more
  • Connects easily with your computer with a USB (included) for programming
  • Provides online guide with step-by-step instructions and full sample code
  • Enables students to program all the experiments with a simple graphical interface instead of writing code
  • Does not require any soldering and is recommended for beginners ages 8 and up.

Note: There are three additional circuit experiments included in the DS Guide that will require the Digital Sandbox Add-On pack.

Recommend one kit for every two students.

DEV-12651 SparkFun Digital Sandbox (One Kit)
LAB-13111 SparkFun Digital Sandbox Lab Pack (10 Digital Sandbox Kits; 10 Add-On Packs)
KIT-12963 SparkFun Digital Sandbox Add-On (One Kit)
  • Circuit 1: Exploring Blink
  • Circuit 2: Multi-Blink
  • Circuit 3: Dimming (the Hard Way)
  • Circuit 4: Dimming (the Easy Way)
  • Circuit 5: Color Mixing
  • Circuit 6: Number Storage with Variables
  • Circuit 7: If This, Then That
  • Circuit 8: The Reaction Tester
  • Circuit 9: Serial Calculator
  • Circuit 10: Do the Analog Slide
  • Circuit 11: Automatic Night Light
  • Circuit 12: Thermal Alert!
  • Circuit 13: Sound Detecting
  • 1x Digital Sandbox Board
  • 1x Clear Acrylic Baseplate
  • 1x USB Mini-B Cable - 6ft
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 4x Phillips Machine Screw - 4-40, 3/8"
  • 4x Standoff - 4-40, 3/8"
  • LED Bar Graph
  • Slide Switch
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Slide Potentiometer
  • Microphone
  • Push Button
  • 3-pin Add-On Header