Circuit Scribe Pen


Draw Circuits Instead of Wiring Them

The Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pen is a ball-point pen that can be used to draw circuits instead of soldering or wiring them to a breadboard. With Circuit Scribe you can draw exactly what you want, no wires or breadboard required. You can build a circuit with nothing but a coin battery, paper clip, and LED, or build out complex circuits with multiple components.

  • Draw quick circuits to connect parts without having to wire them together
  • Non toxic, silver conductive ink that writes on any surface a regular roller ball pen would with a resistance of 2-10 Ohms/cm
  • Best for use on smooth surfaces

Recommended for grades 4 and higher

  • Ink Resistance: 2-10 Ohms/cm
  • Line Width: 0.4mm
  • Squeeze-Free Pen