Chibitronics Red, Yellow, Blue LED MegaPack (30 Stickers)


Color your projects with multi-colored circuit stickers

This LED sticker pack from Chibitronics is a set of 30 individual red, yellow, and blue LEDs (10 of each) that offers a conductive adhesive backing that can be attached to just about any surface and powered by a simple coin cell battery. That’s right, no soldering, no sewing, and no coding. Just peel, stick, and you’ll have a set of glowing white LEDs in no time!

  • These stickers are thin, light in weight, and particularly flexible
  • Can be connected to each other and their power source via copper tape, conductive ink, and conductive paint.
  • 10x Red LED Circuit Sticker
  • 10x Yellow LED Circuit Sticker
  • 10x Blue LED Circuit Sticker