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The projects on InventorSpace help educators integrate programming and making into the classroom. Projects can be searched by grade level and subject area, making it easy to find learning opportunities to fit your needs.

InventorSpace Discover Projects

Create in the Classroom

Educators can create classes and assign hands-on lessons through InventorSpace. Students can then upload photos or videos of their progress, and assessment questions can be added to allow students to demonstrate learning in multiple ways.

Share with the Community

Educators can choose to upload projects and share them privately with their class or with the entire InventorSpace community. When shared publicly, others can find and use the projects in their classrooms.

How do I sign up?

Follow these simple steps to become part of the InventorSpace community.

First, you'll be asked for your birthday to make sure that we are following COPPA Compliance rules. If you have a Clever account you may also log in with your credentials.

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Next, you'll fill in your new user account information.

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You'll then be sent an email for confirmation.

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Read the terms and conditions and click the check box to move on.

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The final required step is to choose your role (parent or instructor). You can then set up an avatar if you wish and YOU'RE DONE!

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