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Importance of Student Engagement in First-Year Engineering

More and more, students in their first year of engineering are complaining about the large amounts of theoretical knowledge they have to learn and their lack of exposure to hands-on learning. One study found that “of the engineering students lost to attrition, the majority occur during the first year — with losses ranging from 50% to 84% of the total population.” However, the same study found that when first-year engineering classes were changed to be more hands-on, universities saw an average 30% gain in the number of students retained after the first year. Additionally, those students who took the more hands-on class were able to outperform students who took the static version of the class, earning higher grades in their next engineering course.

Here to Help

SparkFun offers the antidote to dull, lecture-based Intro to Engineering classes. Using our electronics components and kits allows students to explore circuitry concepts in-depth. Additionally, our affordable prices make it easy to allow students to “live with the lab” and deepen their learning on their own schedule.

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Create a Kit Designed for Your Students

In addition to our selection of ready-made kits, we offer the ability to create custom kits to perfectly suit your needs. From creating a parts list to sourcing each part to packaging the kit for students, we will work with you to ensure a painless process that results in the perfect electronics kit for your class.