How Teaching Robotics Increases Interest in STEM

  • Shawn Hymel with cohost Casey Kuhns

  • Robotic enthusiasm has taken the STEM world by storm. View Shawn Hymel and Casey Kuhns as they take a look at how to use robotics to increase student interest in STEM subjects.

Elevating Computer Science with micro:bit

  • Derek Runberg

  • Take a dive into the world of micro:bit with host Derek Runberg. Micro:bit is a powerful microcontroller that can be used without any software downloads. We’ll explore the possibilities presented by micro:bit and take a look at a few of the expansion kits available to make it even more powerful.

Intro to Sewable Circuits: Teaching Electronics Through Arts and Crafts

  • Angela Sheehan with cohost Melissa Felderman

  • Inspire students to explore prototyping with electronics through combining craft and technology. Watch Angela Sheehan and Melissa Felderman in an examination of alternative ways to teach introductory electronics and programming using LilyPad sewable electronics.

Creating Connected Projects using Internet of Things

  • Jeff Branson with cohost Mary West

  • The Internet of Things is taking over the world around us, making it more important than ever for students and educators to understand how it works and the many possibilities offered through connected projects.

Creative Ways to add Making to any Class

  • Derek Runberg

  • Maker education isn't just for science classes. View Derek Runberg as he discusses ways to add making to any class including project ideas and tips for getting started.

3D Printing to Improve Learning Outcomes

  • Evan Spitler with cohost Megan Garber from Lulzbot

  • Watch Host Evan Spitler and special guest host Megan Garber from Lulzbot as they discuss ways to use 3D printers in the classroom that ensure student learning outcomes are met. 3D printers are a great addition to any classroom, we’ll explore the traditional methods of prototyping and STEM while also diving into ideas for use in history or language arts classes.