SparkFun Roshamglo Badge Kit


Play Rock-Paper-Scissors Electronically

Teach students to solder by creating a Rock-Paper-Scissors badge. The Roshamglo board uses ATtiny84, and has an IR LED and receiver to communicate between badges. To play, simply point the USB connector at an opponent's Roshamglo from up to 5 feet away and press the 5-way switch to the left for rock, up for paper, and right for scissors. The red/green LED will display a solid red for lose, green for win, or alternate red and green for a tie.

  • Learn to solder, followed by hours of fun playing Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Can be worn on a lanyard for easy access
  • Can be programmed to act as a remote control for most TVs

Recommended for grades 6 and higher. Recommended one kit per student.
Note: it requires two kits to play rock, paper, scissors

  • 8kB of flash memory for our program (~6kB after the bootloader is installed)
  • 512B of SRAM, which stores our variables used in our program
  • 512B of EEPROM
  • 12 IO pins MAX (the Roshamglo breaks out 9 of these pins)
  • 10-bit analog to digital converter which can be used on 8 pins
  • IR LED
  • IR receiver with built in 38kHz demodulator
  • USB programming
  • Programmable red and green LED
  • Power switch
  • 5-way switch for input
  • Reset switch