SparkFun RedBot Mainboard


Design A Robot

The SparkFun RedBot Mainboard is a robotic development platform that works with the Arduino IDE to allow users to design thier own robot. Combine this board with a chassis and RedBot accessory boards to build a robot suited to your desires.

  • Eliminates the need to stack multilpe headers
  • Onboard dual motor driver makes it simple to develop a custom robot
  • 5V Logic
  • 6-9V Input Voltage via Barrel Jack or 2-Pin Header
  • ATmega328P (pre-programmed)
  • USB Programmable via FTDI
  • XBee Port with HW/SW Serial Switch
  • TB6612FNG Dual DC Motor Driver
  • 2x 6-Pin Male Optional Servo Header
  • 4x 6-Pin Male Optional Sensor Header
  • 2x 3-Pin Female Motor Port

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