Raspberry Pi LCD - 7" Touchscreen


Add a Touchscreen to Raspberry Pi

This 7" Raspberry Pi Touchscreen LCD provides the ability to create a standalone device that can be utilized as a custom tablet or an all-in-one interactive interface for a future project using a Raspberry Pi 3. Each LCD features a full color 800 x 480 capacitive touch display that connects to the Pi via an included adapter board which handles all power and signal conversion needs.

  • Create a touchscreen device using Raspberry Pi 3
  • Only requires 2 connections to be hooked up to the Pi
  • Touchscreen drivers support 10-finger touch and an on-screen keyboard allow Raspberry Pi to be used without an external keyboard or mouse

Recommended for grades 9 and higher
Note: The latest version of Raspbian OS is required for this Raspberry Pi LCD to operate correctly.

  • 7” Touchscreen Display
  • Adapter Board
  • DSI Ribbon cable
  • 4 x stand-offs and screws
  • 4 x jumper wires