Circular Robotics Chassis Kit

$14.95 – $19.95

Sturdy Robotics Chassis

The Circular Robotics Chassis Kit is a sturdy, miniature robotics kit designed for beginners and experienced roboticists alike. The chassis plates are made from 1.5mm aluminum alloy frames milled with plenty of mounting points for sensors, servos, controllers, power and more. Assembly is simple; with just a few included screws needed for construction, you will have a reliable 2WD robotics chassis.

  • One of the most durable and economical chassis we've used in some time
  • Includes wheels, frames, a ball caster and all assembly materials like screws, bolts and standoffs.
  • 2x Aluminum Alloy Plate
  • 2x Aluminum Alloy DC Motor Bracket
  • 2x Wheel
  • 1x Ball Caster
  • 1x Assembly Material Bag
  • 100mm x 80mm x 27mm (Assembled)