How Does Maker Education Fit Into My Day?

At SparkFun, we believe it is important and inspiring to bring project-based learning and maker education into the classroom. There are many ways to get started with maker education; We offer 3 standard models, but can also work with you to design a custom path to implementation.

One Week Lesson Overview

Listen as a teacher from iD Tech breaks down what a week of instruction looks like for his class.

3 Implementation Models

Compare each option to see which implementation model works for you!

Supplemental/ Project Model
20–30 minutes daily
Infuse any classroom with electronics projects and activities to teach curriculum concepts and standards through InventorSpace
Any classroom — science, physics, engineering, art, humanities, math, English, social studies
Integrate engaging hands-on projects and activities and meet key academic standards through project-based learning
  • Access projects and activities with step-by-step instructions
  • Register your class to assign projects
  • Enable students to upload and share projects
Makerspace Model
Timing is Flexible
Mobile makerspace on wheels, space in a classroom, actual lab, makerspace in a box for checkout in the media center
Can be a mobile makerspace, a place in any classroom, or an actual lab
Providing a “space” where teachers can access hands-on learning materials to integrate into lessons
  • Materials for a mobile makerspace or lab
  • Support for getting your makerspace started — no matter how large or small
  • Consultation to build out a more substantial makerspace

(For Building Out a Makerspace)
Curriculum Model
Full classroom period
Implement a semester or year-long electronics engineering course
Typically implemented in engineering or electronics classrooms
Programming hardware
  • Introduction to engineering design for either high school students or first-year collegiate students
  • Content for 90-minute class periods for 1 semester
  • Lectures, workshops and design projects


Explore fun projects you can implement in your classroom, school or district!